Since 1964, Tangit has been a leader in the bonding and repair of plastic pipes.   At the same time, the brand stands out with its professional solutions for structural fire protection, the sealing of house lead-ins and thread sealings for water and heating pipes. 

With the UNILOCK thread sealing cord, for example, Tangit developed an economical alternative to conventional hemp and Teflon® tapes.

The product has been certified by the German Technical and Scientific Association for Gas and Water (DVGW). Also certified by the DVGW: the high-quality Tangit expansion resin M 3000 for sealing single and multi-part house lead-ins, repairing leaking lead-ins as well as for sewage and cable wall lead-ins and well construction.

Another important part of the Tangit range are the silicone and acrylate joint sealants as well as PU sealants for special applications - naturally in top quality and with application advantages.

Tangit exceeds the highest standards of safety, efficiency and convenience. The products are subject to strict monitoring and guarantee the user constant quality. This is ensured by the Henkel research and development department, which continuously improves the Tangit products.

For the best possible distribution of the product range, Henkel works hand in hand with two strong partners: Walraven and Georg Fischer Piping Systems. Thread sealers, joint sealants and fire protection systems from Tangit are exclusively available at Walraven, the expert for development, production and sale of innovative mounting, fire protection and sanitary systems. Pipe adhesives or cleaning agents for adhesive and plastic welded joints for example, are successfully distributed by Georg Fischer Piping Systems, the leading supplier of piping systems and components made of plastic and metal.

As the diverse tasks in construction today require comprehensive solutions, Henkel supports the work of the construction specialists with everything that the Henkel brand stands for: a performance-oriented partnership, perfectly aligned innovative products and a skilled field service that is always up-to-date with the latest technology.

Henkel is not only the world's largest adhesive manufacturer, but also a leader in the development and production of innovative construction chemical products. Professionals in over 125 countries across five continents trust in Henkel's brands and technologies.