Brand Vision  

As Henkel we have a responsibility!​

Our goal is to offer you products which: ​


  • Meet the highest standards of international certification;​
  • Do not endanger the health of the installer and the consumer;​
  • Do not compromise on performance.​
Tangit consistently provides innovative products, ensured by the Henkel Research and Development department to guarantee an impeccable result. The brand stands out in the area of sustainability addressing the highest standards of international certification. ​ 

Following this sustainable ambition Tangit introduced the first solvent-free, 2-component reactive acrylate adhesive for joining of PVC-U or PVC-C thermo-plastic piping systems - RAPID. 

The patented technology was developed in a close cooperation of Global PD teams from Dublin and Dusseldorf with a leading European pipe manufacturer to ensure a high product performance along with additional benefits such as: ​

  • Ideal for big dimensions application.​
  • Easy and clean handling (without drops and splashes).​
  • Approved for drinking water application.​ 


Moreover, Tangit constantly improves its quality to be complied with the strictest requirements of Safe Drinking Water regulations. ​

Drinking water pipe systems can affect the water quality, therefore it is necessary to be installed without hazardous chemicals and materials. The newest regulation in some European countries already bans pipe adhesives, containing aggressive solvents, to prevent migration to drinking water. Yet, the topic still has low awareness among installers, resulting in the use of unsafe products, and hence needs to be popularized worldwide. ​

Tangit PVC-U PLUS is the first Henkel pipe adhesive containing NO THF/CHN solvents which are known as carcinogenic. ​

Breathing these solvents can irritate  nose, throat and lungs, in case of a regular contact - damage a health in irreversible ways.​ 

​Therefore, our commitment is to always provides the most sustainable and safest solutions for drinking water pipe systems and health of installers in accordance with the newest International standards, and increase the awareness of the topics among manufacturers, customers, end-users worldwide to ensure safe pipe installation.​