Tangit M3000 2-C Expansion Resin

Features and Benefits

  • Component of many system providers of service penetrations
  • Annular seal in wet installation according to DIN 18533
  • Data cables, protective and casing pipes
  • For buildings with and w/o basements
  • Repair of leaky ducts and passages
  • Closure of unused core drillings
  • Sealing of wellheads and manhole rings

Product Advantages

  • Durably gasand watertight (against non-pressing water).
  • Only one product for all kind of lead-ins (all diameters and even multiple penetrations).
  • self-expanding foam fits perfectly into every shape and reliably closes all openings.
  • Ready-to-use and easy handling (No need for time-consuming work preparation; no need for electricity or water).
  • No shrinking, high tensile and torsion resistance.
  • Fast installation and curing within 5 Minutes, final strength after 30 minutes.
  • Economical high quality solutions.
  • Repair work can be done from inside the building.
  • Tested 100% water and gas tightness acc. VP601. by DVGW (German Technical and Scientific Organization for Gas & Water) and the Fraunhofer Institute.


Packaging Details

  • 150ml Cartrdige
  • 300ml Cartridge



  • Single and multiple service connections, reparations of leaky ducts and passages and well shrinking. Also, wall ducts for sewage pipes and cables.


Please note:

  • Please also refer to our Technical Data Sheet and Safety Data Sheet.
  • Tangit M 3000 can only be used with a 2-C cartridge gun, like FP520 (300 ml version).


Step 1

Substrate and pipes must be clean and free of grease.

Step 2

Remove the cartridge cap, screw on the mixer – ready for use!

Step 3

Easy removal of partial amounts – no unused product remnants.

Step 4

In the case of pressing water additionally use sealing hose M 4082.