Tangit Uni-Lock

Features and Benefits

  • Sealing of metal and plastic threads acc. ISO 7-1 up to 4" in water, gas and compressed air piping systems.
  • Connection of outlet taps and pipe branches.
  • Installation of compressed air lines.

Product Advantages

  • Very easy application.
  • Immediately ready for use from the dispenser – no need for additional pastes.
  • Replaces hemp/paste and PTFE tapes (Teflon®).
  • One Tangit UNILOCK dispenser replaces approx. 20 rolls of Teflon® tape.
  • Up to 55 % lower costs and up to 45 % faster than hemp (acc. to a REFA time study).
  • Enables easy alignment of outlet taps.
  • Instant sealing of water, gas and compressed air lines.
  • Temperature resistant between -20°C and +130°C.
  • Pressure resistant up to 16 bar.
  • Gas and hot water approved acc. EN751-2 and DIN 30660 by DVGW.
  • Hot drinking water approved acc. BS6920 by WRc.
  • Drinking water approved acc. KTW by TZW.
  • Adjustable up to 45°.


Packaging Details:

  • 80m dispenser
  • 160m dispenser
  • 180m dispenser

Unilock vs Teflon® tape

Unilock vs Hemp & Paste


  • Sealing of metal and plastic threads in water, gas and compressed air piping systems, connection of outlet taps and pipe branches and installation of compressed air lines.


Required amount:


  • The number of wraps depends on the thread diameter.
  • 160 m sufficient for approx. 400 threads (1/2" metal threads).
  • Double number of threads required for plastic connections.


Please note: Please also refer to our Technical Data Sheet and Safety Data Sheet.


Step 1

Clean the thread and roughen it with a saw blade.

Step 2

Wrap the sealing cord around the thread with a certain tension (in thread direction).

Step 3

Run the cord laterally across the turns of the thread.

Step 4

The cord can be cut off with Pipe sealing cord the integrated cutting edge

Step 5

Tighten the connection to achieve flank compression.

Step 6

Align the tap.